Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Who needs real toys...

....when you have bowls and spaghetti strainers. Seriously, Christmas was only three weeks ago and we are well-supplied with all kinds of new interesting toys. Just goes to show that old adage is true, sometimes the best toys are the simplest and those that use your imagination.

Here Rylan is playing with my kitchen ware, a baby toy and our back-rub tool, which he calls his monster. He played contentedly like this for at least a half-hour.

Charlton replaced our broken cabinet locks with new ones. Unfortunately, this one didn't quite lock all the way and Caroline's smart and helpful big brother opened it for her. I have an almost identical picture of my sister Anna sitting in the cabinet of our kitchen growing up. They had the same round cheeks and hairstyle (with hair coming loose and hanging into their eyes) and look so much alike!

Mom's bowls make great hats, did you know?

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